Unofficial PlayStore API

A helper tool that can be used in combination with for generating android app related badges with realtime values for your app's README file.

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Available on RapidAPI


Sample JSON with all details

  "packageID": "",
  "developer": "Rajkumar S",
  "installs": "5,000+",
  "lastUpdated": "June 13, 2020",
  "noOfUsersRated": "782 total",
  "rating": "4.6",
  "size": "4.7M",
  "version": "4.3.3"

To get the above json, you can visit<YOUR-PACKAGE-ID>

Example :

For a badge on particular attribute, you can use


The attributes should be one among : [downloads, package, version, size, lastUpdated, rating, noOfUsersRated, developer]

You can customise the badge as you wish according to the style parameters. Find more info here

Few Examples


![Downloads Badge](

Downloads Badge


![Version Badge](

Version Badge


![Rating Badge](

Rating Badge


![Dev Badge](

Dev Badge

API Used by

Amrita Repository


posidon launcher

Submit a PR with your app details if you are using this API.


Find the license here